Taka Update March 27, 2014

Fish delivery and more

☆ I have a good big eye tuna again. It was 58lbs and the one of the biggest tuna ever.     It is getting mature and time to eat.

☆ Uni is not easy. It was sold out yesterday. And a pack is coming today. I am not sure for tomorrow delivery.

☆ Japanese Fish Omakase was Porgy and Opal Eye only.

☆ Ocean Trout came back. I made carpaccio style sashimi salad and people loved it.

☆ 2 weeks for Masters, are you ready? I am ready.

☆ I went to see the cardiology doctor for checking. My heart was very good condition. The only problem was cholesterol. But it was minor. I need tto drop 20 points and lose 5 lbs. of weight. And I need exercise to because I am fat. Yes, I am fat.


Closed Info

☆ April 7th Monday Dinner will be closed. I need to go to Augusta for Masters. This is my Tradition of Masters Monday and my tiny spring break.

☆ May 25th – 29th . This is my first vacation of the year. I will go to Hawaii for a short trip. It is only 3 nights but OK. It is still good escape for me.\


Why pomegranate is good for you

Pomegranate juice may improve blood flow to the heart in people with ischemic coronary heart disease (CHD). In a study of 45 people with CHD and myocardial ischemia (in which not enough blood gets to the heart muscle), participants who drank about 8 fluid ounces of pomegranate juice daily for 3 months had less ischemia during a stress test. Study participants who did not drink the juice, meanwhile, had evidence of more stress-induced ischemia. The study noted no negative effects to drinking pomegranate juice (even on blood sugar levels or body weight). Lead researcher, Dean Ornish, MD, believes pomegranate juice may even be able to help prevent heart disease in people who do not already have it.


Pomegranate juice may help stop plaque from building up in blood vessels – in other words, it may have an anti-atherogenic effect. The antioxidants in the juice may help keep cholesterol in a form that is less damaging, and may also reduce plaque that has already built up in vessels, according to Collins. Pomegranate juice was shown to have potent anti-atherogenic effects in healthy humans and in mice with plaque buildup — possibly due to its antioxidative properties, researchers from Israel recently concluded. In their study of healthy male volunteers, pomegranate juice was shown to decrease the likelihood of LDL “bad” cholesterol to form plaque. Another Israeli study showed a decrease in the development of atherosclerosis in mice whose diets were supplemented with pomegranate juice.


Pomegranate juice may slow prostate cancer growth. Antioxidants are known to help prevent and repair DNA damage that can lead to cancer. “Pomegranate juice won’t fend off cancer by itself, but studies suggest it may be a wonderful addition to the balanced, plant-based diet recommended by the American Institute of Cancer Research,” says Collins. Men who have already had preliminary treatment for prostate cancer may benefit from a daily dose of pomegranate juice. The juice appeared to suppress the growth of cancer cells and the increase in cancer cell death in lab testing, according to research from UCLA. Allan Pantuck, MD, said in an email interview that he guesses a combination of elements in pomegranates — rather than any single component — is probably responsible for these health effects.

Yes, more research needs to be done on pomegranate juice for us to know anything definitive about its benefits. But, so far, the future looks bright for this vibrant, fuchsia-colored fruit.

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