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About Taka

Chef Taka Moriuchi

Chef Taka Moriuchi

Taka Moriuchi was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1962 and as a teenager, he dreamt of coming to the US. After graduating from high school, Taka worked as a sales rep for a shoe retail company called “Ginza Esperanza”. He went on to become a manager and merchandiser for the company, designing pumps and traveling to Europe every six months.

Taka left the shoe company after 10 years and bought a convenience store in Tokyo.

He soon learned of an opportunity for a lottery green card from a friend living in Atlanta, GA. He applied and was fortunately selected out of 240,000 applicants. Taka realized his dream of coming to the US on February 15, 1995.

Taka’s first job on American soil was as the assistant manager at Kobe steaks, where his responsibilities ranged from washing dishes and bussing tables to greeting guests. He quickly realized that sushi was becoming a popular trend in America, so he left his management position behind to learn the craft of sushi-making.

Taka began practicing the art of sushi at Soto when Soto opened his sushi restaurant in August 1995. He stayed on with the flourishing restaurant for four years before partnering with Kevin Rathbun to open Bluepointe in 1999. In February of 2002, Taka started his own restaurant known as “Taka Sushi Café.”

Taka’s revered sushi restaurant took on the “sushiandpassion” tagline in 2007. What is sushiandpassion? It is inspired by Barry Manilow’s famous song “Copacabana” in which he sings of “Music and Passion.”

As an avid Barry Manilow fan, Taka felt that Manilow’s perseverance mirrored his own. During a concert, he was impassioned by the message the Manilow shared with the crowd: “You can give in, give out. But don’t give up.” Since becoming the sole owner of Taka Sushi in 2006, Taka’s restaurant has become a renowned Buckhead dining establishment with celebrity patrons from Hollywood actors and professional athletes to musicians and TV personalities: John Travolta, the Dixie Chicks, Kiss, Matt Kuchar, Ian Poulter, Luke Donald, Dallas Austin, Jake Gyllenhaal and more. Taka plans to enjoy his success on the beaches of Waikiki, where he plans to retire one day.


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    “Sheltered from the local party scene by a row of upscale salons,
    this small sushi restaurant resembles a sleepy Gulf Coast seafood shack.”

    City Search

    Rated 5.0/5.0 star
  • About Taka Slider

    “I eat at Taka a lot because it is around the corner and I just can’t stand
    how pretentious Soto is. Tonight was darn good and I just had to write
    about it. We had the Thai style red snapper sashimi which came with
    pine nuts, cilantro, shredded daikon/shizo mixture, and peanut
    sauce..so tasty.”

    The Blissful Glutton

    Published by The Blissful Glutton on September 15, 2005 at 8:47 PM
  • About Taka Slider

    “In a world where oceans of fish dishes are done in paint-by-numbers style,
    Takao Moriuchi maintains a beautiful touch.”

    “Sushi As Artistry” By Meridith Ford, Access Atlanta

    Published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on October 26, 2004
  • About Taka Slider

    “Taste sushi as it was meant to be: pristine, pure, fresh.
    This intimate cafe from chef-owner Taka Moriuchi, a native of Hiroshima,
    specializes in sushi, but offers a wide range of hot and cold appetizers.”


    Rated 14/20
  • About Taka Slider

    “Taka takes his appetizer cues from his days at Soto.
    The list is extensive and the flavors unusual but mostly well-balanced,
    though I find I’m more taken with the sashimi
    and cold starters than I am with the hot.”

    Bill Addison, Creative Loafing

    Published March 5, 2003
  • About Taka Slider

    “Sushi in Atlanta = Taka Sushi Cafe for me. They have the freshest fish. Sashimi is really the best here, but the rolls are good too.”

    City Voter

  • About Taka Slider

    “This Buckhead sushi den attracts laid back locals (often toting mini sushi proteges).
    Remember where you are with a Home Depot or Diet Coke roll (flip the menu for translation).
    Go beyond creative names with noodles or a cold salad of snow crab and thinly sliced cucumber.
    Wall colors change annually to redefine the mood of the season, but the fresh food stays perfectly the same.”

    Black Book

  • About Taka Slider

    “A longtime fan of American music and culture, Taka Moriuchi was ecstatic when he won
    a lottery green card to come to the United States in 1995. While learning English,
    he worked his way up from being a busboy at Kobe Steaks
    to become the sushi chef at Soto Japanese restaurant, then BluePointe.
    Now, he’s the owner of this upscale sushi joint, located in the Buckhead building
    formerly occupied by Taco Mac.”
    City Guide AOL

    Rated 4.0/5.0 stars
  • About Taka Slider

    “Sushi chef has way with words
    Taka Sushi Cafe in Buckhead gets less of my business than I’d prefer.
    We’ve got sushi we like closer to home and are creatures of habit.
    But every time we visit, I am always reminded of what
    a thoughtful chef owner Taka Moriuchi is,
    both for his sushi bar creations and his hot food.”

    “What’s For Dinner?” By John Kessler, AJC Evening Edge

    Published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on April 03, 2008


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Taka sushiandpassion of Atlanta is one of Georgia’s hidden treasures.

  • Lunch: Monday – Friday 11:30am to 2pm
  • Dinner: Monday – Saturday 5:30pm to 10:00pm
  • Sunday Closed





Taka Update Aprill 2019


Taka Sushi Update April 15, 2019
It’s been a while.

Fish Information
I try to by seasonable fishes. And in April we have some good fishes.
Ainame, Greenling
Isaki, Chicken Grunt
Mebaru, Rockfish These are in season now. I get those fish on Tuesday.
And I buy s special fishes occasionally. I buy bonito this week. This bonito is coming from south of Japan moving to north. I buy some straw and sear it. It must be good. Bonito might be fishy but the small is gone by searing with straw.
Live scallop is fine. Uni is a little bit problem. Maine uni is season over. Peru uni is available but the quality is not super excellent. Japanese uni is coming for weekend but the price is high.

Closed Info
We will be closed dinner on April 17, Wednesday. We have a private party. But we take togo and open patio. Limited seats but it is enough maybe. Wednesday high is 80F and good for seating patio.

New study finds poor diet kills more people globally than tobacco and high blood pressure
Poor diet is responsible for more deaths globally than tobacco, high blood pressure, or any other health risk, according to a new scientific study.
Consuming low amounts of healthy foods, such as whole grains, and too much unhealthy foods, including sweetened beverages, account for one in every five deaths globally.
“Poor diet is an equal opportunity killer,” said Dr. Ashkan Afshin, lead author on the study and an assistant professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. “We are what we eat and risks affect people across a range of demographics, including age, gender, and economic status.”
Afshin, who authored a global paper on obesity in 2017, emphasized that today’s study focuses on the effects of food on chronic health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, independent of their connections to obesity. More than 130 scientists from nearly 40 countries contributed to the analysis, which was published today in the international medical journal The Lancet. The paper is the most comprehensive analysis on the health effects of diet ever conducted.
Poor diets were responsible for 10.9 million deaths, or 22% of all deaths among adults in 2017, with cardiovascular disease (CVD) as the leading cause, followed by cancers and diabetes. They also resulted in 255 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), which equal the sum of years of life lost and years lived with disability. Poor diet represents 16% of all DALYs among adults globally.
In comparison, tobacco was associated with 8.0 million deaths, and high blood pressure was linked to 10.4 million deaths.
Read more? http://www.healthdata.org/news-release/new-study-finds-poor-diet-kills-more-people-globally-tobacco-and-high-blood-pressure
Eat well and be healthy, this is our goal. Reduce sodium and carbohydrate, move your body for slim body. Just do it!
Taka Sushi 4600 Roswell Rd. Suite E110, Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Reservation 404-851-1500 Instagram sushiandpassion

Taka Update September 2018

  Taka Sushi Update September 07, 2018

Fish Information

Tuna?  This question is ridiculous for me. My answer is “It is gone.”. It is hard to get good tuna. Maybe I can get it 1 in 6 months. I carry yellow fin tuna most of the time. So, If I say “this is good.”, you have to come to eat it.  Please follow my Instagram or facebook.

Uni? We get it from Peru, and occasionally from California and Japan. But Hokkaido got an earthquake and it will not come next week.

It is middle of summer and I try to find summer fish. I get some next week and decide which one I carry.

It is almost in autumn weather and I try to buy blue skin fish. Sanma, saury or Sardine are available.

Blue skin fish have EPA and DHA and we have to eat those fishes.

We have all fishes on the menu this weekend.


WHO warns More active people for  healthier world.

Regular physical activity is proven to help prevent and treat noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and breast and colon cancer. It also helps prevent hypertension, overweight and obesity and can improve mental health, quality of life and well-being. Yet, much of the world is becoming less active.


WHO has developed a new global action plan to help countries scale up policy actions to promote physical activity. It responds to the requests by countries for updated guidance, and a framework of effective and feasible policy actions to increase physical activity at all levels.


The plan sets out four objectives and recommends 20 policy actions that are applicable to all countries and address the cultural, environmental and individual determinants of inactivity.


A key feature of this new plan is its call for a ‘’systems-based’’ approach where effective implementation will require bold leadership combined with cross-government and multisectoral partnerships at all levels to achieve a coordinated, whole-of-system response.


Working in partnerships, WHO will support countries to implement a whole-of-community approach to increase levels of physical activity in people of all ages and abilities. Global, regional and national coordination and capacity will be strengthened to respond to needs for technical support, innovation and guidance.

Read more? http://www.who.int/ncds/prevention/physical-activity/gappa/

I do work hard but I do exercise, I cut lawn by myself, I work at my farm and I play golf, and weight training. Don’t stay home and go outside, get sweat !



Taka Sushi    4600 Roswell Rd. Suite E110, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Reservation 404-851-1500       Instagram sushiandpassion

Taka Update June 22, 2018

  Taka Sushi Update June 22, 2018

Fish Information

Tuna?  Where is good tuna? Maybe it’s gone. I carry Yellow fin only now, there is no choice. I sometimes get bigeye tuna but no fat at all. It is just like Hawaiian tuna.

Uni comes from all over the world. We get it from Peru, California and Japan.

It is middle of summer and I try to find summer fish. I get some next week and decide which one I carry.

Kamasu, Barracuda is one of choice,.


 And I will try Butter fish, Rock fish and more.


Closed Info

We will be closed from July 1 – July 8 (Sunday- Sunday). I need to go back to Japan for family meeting. And need to do some job with my brother there.

So, we might have a special sale on Saturday June 30. All fishes  need to go.


Healthy Topics

low-fat diet significantly reduced risk of death after breast cancer but same effect was not seen for other cancers

Women who consumed a low-fat diet had a significantly reduced risk of death after breast cancer. However, women with other cancers who were also on a low-fat diet did not experience the same effect, according to new results from the Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification trial that will be discussed at the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in Chicago, June 1 to 5. 

Anyway ,animal fat  is really bad for our body, especially for blood. Blood should run like clean rivers.

But if we take a lot of animal fat, it runs slow and clogged up eventually.

Eat red cabbage and celery to avoid it.

Taka Sushi    4600 Roswell Rd. Suite E110, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Reservation 404-851-1500       Instagram sushiandpassion

Taka Update May 08 2018

  Taka Sushi Update May 8, 2018

Fish Information

Tuna? Where is good tuna? Maybe it’s gone. I carry Yellow fin only now, there is no choice.

Uni comes from all over the world. We get it from Chile and Peru this week. CA uni is hard to get this week. Japanese uni is coming on Thursday.

I stop to buy “Fish Omakase Box”. The reason is simple, same kinds of fishes are in it many times. I will try again in summer or autumn.

Hamachi, I still buy fresh one. But might switch to frozen soon. The reason?  Hamachi in summer is not great. Frozen Hamachi harvest in spring and frozen might be better choice.

Live scallop from Boston is not bad. I can get 2-3 times a week. This is nothing change.


May Promotion

May 16, Sake tasting is coming. This is Wednesday night. Sake masters are coming to your table and give some lectures.

May 23, Our 2nd anniversary night. We opened this place on May 23 in 2016. Already 2 years? Still 2 years? We have a lot of $2 specials, beer, wine, edamame, dumpling and more.


My follower reached 1026 people last week. It took 2 years maybe. I am looking for 1500 people in 6 months. I post new fishes, daily specials, my dog, golf and more. It is fun to watch. Please join at sushiandpassion. Thank you.


Healthy Topics

A Walnut-Enriched Diet Affects Gut Microbiome in Healthy Caucasian Subjects: A Randomized, Controlled Trial. Regular walnut consumption is associated with better health.

Oxidative Stress Inhibits Healthy Adipose Expansion Through Suppression of SREBF1-Mediated Lipogenic Pathway.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is calling on people across the country to get moving in honor of its fourth annual National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day on May 2. Celebrated each year on the first Wednesday in May, National Get Fit Don’t Sit Day aims to increase awareness of the dangers of prolonged sitting and the importance of moving more throughout the day.


Taka Sushi    4600 Roswell Rd. Suite E110, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Reservation 404-851-1500       Instagram sushiandpassion