Do you like Tequila?
Ms. Anahi works for 1921 Tequila.
She came to Atlanta for sales promotion and wanted to have sushi for supper.
She checked GPS and found 4. The first 3 could not make it and came to us.
It was almost around 10pm and I was drinking beer with customers. She was alone and ask her general questions. So I found out she was a sales rep of tequila company.
I had tequila once in Cancun. I did not like it but it was almost 10 years ago. I asked her for tasting. She brought from a car and I tasted 4 different tequila. 1st one was blanco, 2nd one was whisky barrel, 3rd one was oak barrel and last one was creamy taste.
All those were not bad. And everybody liked creamy tequila, just like Baileys.
Thanks, Anahi and see you in 6 months.

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