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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Myoga is ready!

This is home grown myoga. Myoga is Japanese ginger. We eat this as fresh or pickles.
It is same as scallion, wasabi. We use it for garnish.
It is good with tuna, flounder sashiimi. And it is good with miso soup, soba noodle.
Myoga is very limited season. I normally get in August and September.
I feel this year;s harvest is early.

Barry Manilow at Chastain

Sorry, it was canceled. He was sick.
I went to there and a policeman had a board to show me.
I think he works too much.
He was in Louisville KY on 27th, Nashville TN on 28th.
The weather was very hot last week.
3 nights straight outside concerts for 68 old man?
Just crazy!

Sushi Class

I had a sushi class yesterday. Ashley and mother joined this class.
They enjoyed to make sushi and ate with sake.

Taka Update July 25, 2012

Fish delivery and more

It’s been good business and no problem. But it was very slow last night. Hot and humid summer killed our business. I had no idea last night.

Good tuna is coming today. It is big eye tuna and stomach side. I also ordered kama, collars. There is only 2 pieces and first come first serve. You should eat this kind of things before you die. It is worth to try.

I cut Malabar Grouper and Blue Fusilier . Grouper was a little bit chewy, Fusilier was not much great. I need to find something new.

Uni is fine. It is a little bit watery but still sweet.


We donate some money to Seacology, environmental NPO in CA.  It was $500 per month but I rose to $1000 from July because our business was good.

Save our islands and coral leaves all over the world. I personally donate $50 every month.

Visit www.seacology.org

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