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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Our new Special in Summer, Gazpacho

Yes, we are Japanese restaurant and sell Gazpacho. Why not?
I really have good recipe for this item.
And I add some Japanese essense.I just forgot to make for a while and our customers asked me when I started to make this year.

New Chardonnay by the glass

We carried Paul Hobbs Chardonnay but this offer was finished.
The reason was very simple. The buying cost went up 57%. If we sell same wine by the glass, we have to charge $30 by the glass.

So we decided to keep same price and good quality with $15. My choice was Crossbarn by Pual Hobbs.
This is from Sonoma Coast.

50 pounds of Big eye tuna arrived!

This is back side. It was stomach side last week.
We could not sell any Oh-toro last week. So, I decided to buy back side this time. I never bought 50 pounds of tuna.
I estimate the whole weight around 250 pounds.
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Taka Update May 2, 2012

Fish delivery and more

I have great news again. Excellent tuna is coming today. This is big eye tuna.  I ordered back side this time because could not sell Oh-toro at all. I also asked them kama, collar. This part is premium and 4 orders only. I will update the pictures on my blog later.

Blue Shrimp is has problem. FDA is holding and out of stock. They inspect not only fresh fish but frozen items.

Uni is fine. I think we have enough inventories for next 2 days.

Japanese fish has some problem. It is Golden Week in Japan. Some people take vacations from April 29th to May 6th. Believe or not, this is the only chance to take a long vacation for workaholic Japanese.

Anyway, Hotaru Ika and Mahata are not available this week. And Thursday delivery is not available.

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