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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Taka Update February 8th 2012

Fish delivery and more

Good news, uni is available. The supply is really good right now. And tuna is same situation. Anyway, winter season is not good for tuna.

Most of Japanese fish came yesterday except Iwashi and Kiss. They will come on Thursday.

I tried Namako, sea cucumber and Nore Sore, sea eel babies. Both of them were good. So I decided to get them this month. They are coming on Thursday again.

Trying something new is hard. 50% of new trials might be bad. But if the other 50% are good, we need to say success.

Same as my specials. I create many specials but never satisfied 100%. But I get smash hits sometimes. Stacking up smash hits makes points and scores.

There are 2 types of customers. We explain Daily Specials. They listen and order from the menu as usual. Let’s say 80% of customers order exact same orders every time. This makes our stable business. And 20% of customers order some specials after listen. Then some of them are happy with it and some are not happy.

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Epsom Salt

This is American’s common sence, right?
I have been living in USA almost 17 years and never heard before.

I was talking with customers last night,
” I am veru tired of this stressful business and go to bath tub before I go to bed almost every night.”

“Use Epsom Salt and feel good. Kelly uses when she is sick.” Kelly meand Regis and Kelly’s Kelly.

Most of or 100% of Americans know about Emsom salt, maybe.
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Grilled Aji

I had a big Aji, Japanese Jack fish.
So I decided to grill it.
I opened stomach and cleaned. Then apply sea salt, put sliced garlic, lemons green onions, pepper salt.
Grill it with olive oil and put into the oven. That’s it.
I think you can do with any fish like this.
Rosemary is good matching but I just did not have it this time.

My new kichen shoes

Toning always! Shape up Always!
So I decided to wear Skechers Toning shoes at work.
I dumped my old Crocs and switched to this shoes.
We will see how my hip goes up and how I lose weight.
I am not sure can do. My weight this morning was 165 lbs.
It is juts limit.

Ramen Soup

I was making ramen soup the other day and just thought.
Ramen is getting popular in USA. It is delicious food and it is very popular as curry rice in Japan.

But do people know ramen is not healthy food?
Many people think all Japanese foods are healthy.
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