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Monthly Archives: December 2010

A new Costco in Brookhaven

I threw up today. It was bad. I do not do much.
And I was thinking what was bad.
It was not stomach virus or something.

It was fine in the morning. I made zosui, Japanese risotto for the customers and made mine for shooting and tasting.
When I was eating zosui, I felt something bad. But I ate all of it. It was not big portion.
And I was eating tonkatsu, crispy fried pork tenderloin. And I went to the bathroom.
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Zosui with chilean Sea bass

This is another winter dish. It is called zosui, I say Japanese risotto.

We normally make this after nabe, hot pot dish.
We clean the inside of hot pot after eat nabe.
Then leave broth only and add steamed rice and egg, and cook a couple of minutes.
Rice gets all good stuffs from broth and make great taste.
I do not cook nabe here but braise sea bass bone and take meat and add carrot or onion. And make flavor. It is same after that. I ass steamed rice and egg.

I only make zosui when I cut Chilean sea bass. I can not dump this bone. It is so tasty and need to use for something. I sometimes make soup from this bone.


I was cooking oden for tomorrow. Oden is winter dish in Japan.

I make broth from short rib. But this short rib is not good one, it is almost junk. Yes, junk short rib can make good beef broth.
all fat melt and good stuff comes out from the bone.
Then I add light soy sauce, sake, mirin, salt and kelp. It is simple to make broth.
Then, I add daikon radish, potato, yam cake, fish cake, boiled egg, fried tofu and more.
We can eat oden on same day but next day is better taste. And 2 days later is much better taste. I ate this on Thanksgiving Day but I made 6 days before.
I can sell oden on Thursday and weekend.