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Monthly Archives: August 2010

From Lunch Menu 2

I will show you other lunch items related with sushi, sashimi.
The left is sushi lunch. California Roll with 5 different nigiri sushi.
And the price is only $10.00.
The right is sashimi Lunch. 5 different raw fish and rice.
Both combo come with salad, soup. The price is sane as sushi lunch.
I think affordable lunch price is $10 and give customers great deals.

From Lunch Menu

Let me introduce our lunch menu.
The left is Shoya-yaki Lunch. Grilled pork with ginger sauce.
I do not know why but Japanese like pork and eat any kinds of way.
Shoga-yaki is good for lunch and popular.
The right is Kajima Lunch. This is daily special and I change main item daily.
This is saba, mackerel and grilled and cooked with miso.
Side items are very traditional foods and all vegetables. And these lunches combo come with soup, salad and rice.

Just open lunch business

I just opened Lunch Business.
There are some reasons to open lunch.
To be honest, I do not work much.
But if someone asks me, I need to answer.
We have a great corporate customer.
This company got 8 Japanese people from NJ.
And many people complain current Buckhead Japanese lunch issue.
So, I decided to open.
And another reason is unstable dinner business.
We are doing good but it is slow sometimes.
And I thought covering lack of sales.
I know it takes time and see 3-4 months.