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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Tomato soup is my miso soup?

I love tomato soup because I am 10% Italian. Yes, it is true.
I love Italy and love something made in Italy.
This pot is at my home.
I make tomato soup at my home. I eat it for breakfast or lunch.
I add after eat and keep it almost 1 week.
Hot tomato soup is really good in cold winter.
I make broth with bacon but use OX tail sometimes.
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Ramen Noodle

I am trying ramen.
I think ramen comes from Chinese. But Japanese arrange very well, it is localized.
Gyoza dumpling is same thing. It is from Chinese.
Many Japanese soldiers went to China and ate.
They brought back to Japan after war and started to make it as Japanese version.
I wanted to make with OX tail broth and made it. It did not have punch. So, I added pork legs and did not taste yet.
I will make it on Monday and approve it by myself and start to sell as specials.
I tested last week a few and got good response.
Ramen is already popular in NYC and LA area. We had a first ramen restaurant in Atlanta last year. But that one was Korean owned. Many Japanese restaurants serves it but still ordinary.
I want to beat them with good soup.

Bistro Niko

I went to Bistro Niko with friends.
It was slow night because of Super Bowl Sunday.
We actually arrived there at 5:30pm and left 7:00pm.
It was OK meals. Some dishes were salty.
The price was very reasonable.
The best way here is 1 drink (around $6-7) and skipping appetizer, taking entree only. So, you spend less than $30.
We spent $330 with 5 adults and 2 kids. This is not bad.

Pickles from Japan

Suguki (left) from Kyoto.
Suguki is radish group. But this pickle is trunks and leaves.
There is no artificial flavor, no color.
Suguki is made with lactic acid, and this lactic acid can fight against cancer.
It also work in stomach and good for diet.

Hinona tsuke(right) from Shiga, North of Kyoto.
Hinona is also Kyoto origin vegetables as Suguki,
They use rice east when making pickles. It is light acid flavor and tasty.

Both pickles come from Japan directly. We have so many pickles in Japan and have no idea how many.

Nore Sore

What is this? Nore sore is sea eel baby.
The color is clear and can see eyes.
Nore sore is available from early spring to summer.
The best way of eating is sunomono, marinated with vinegar or sushi.
It has unique texture. We sometimes eat live nore sore and called dancing eating.
The live nore sore dance in the mouth and swallow. I think they still alive in the stomach for a while.
It is fun to try new fish.