The last post was May 19th?
I am not lazy, was just busy and got sick and was not the mood to post new photos.
Many people asked me about H mart, Asian supermarket.
My answer is YES and NO.
If you buy vegetables, meat and fruits, do not buy. Their prices are great and low but quality is really bad. I bought Asian pear before, bought lettuce before and was big regrets.

But if you but something like pictures, H mart is a great spot.
I have no idea what they say in Korean but their soy milk is tasty and good.
The black container is something like black soybean milk, this is really good.
I buy a case unit always.
Banana milk is also good. I think this is good for kids.
We have similar drink in Japan.
Juts buy them even if you don’t understand. It is fun to taste.
Air fare is very high this summer and can save money here in Atlanta. We have so many Asian foods and can reach. We do not need to fly over.

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