I had regular customers last night. Ron-san family. He always comes with Betty-san, wife and a son sometimes. I remember last September’s visit. The son needed to go to Iraq. I opened a champagne for him and told him, “Please come back.” Now 2008 May, he came back with 2 legs and 2 hands. It was good to see him again. I bought a dinner for Ron-san’s family and opened the same champagne. What is Iraq war? Nothing. A customer told me before,” They are protecting our life and keep oil price fare.” Nothing. Gasoline price is making a record everyday. Who is happy? Military industry and pentagon. The got a job. They need to create a job otherwise the government cut job. And how many people died. Japanese government sent troops for a while and no one died. If someone die there, the prime minister needs to resign. This is Japan. We are watching. So how about America? More than 4000 soldiers died and who care?
For the country! for the world peace keeping! I think something wrong.

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