I already finished my weight loss program. It was a small success. I went to 162 lb and stopped.
It was 168 at the beginning and 162 at the ending was not bad.
The keys are below.
1, Scale your weight at least 3 time a day. You can become more sensitive for a little gain.
2, Don’t eat much at late night. You should not eat anything after 10pm.
3, Beer is OK. American beer is not beer and help to fill hungry stomach.
4, Mind control is important. Brain is hungry and stomach is not hungry.
5, Get sweat everyday and drink water or oolong tea.
6, Skip meat and rice, bread but eat vegetables and soup.
7, Your strong will can support your target.

By the way, do you have kids? Read below.
Prevention for kids over weight

1, Go to bed early and wake up early.It is vacation time but do the same as normal.
2, Eat 3 meals equal. Avoid meat and try to eat fish and Japanese food.
3, Avoid soft food like fast food. You need to chew and make jaw grow.
4, Go outside and move body. Walking, Running are great.
5, Eat with all family.

I always say that our body is not like a glass. It is like a balloon. When we eat 100, it is full. And when we eat 110, it flow over. But a balloon is diff rent. It is stretchable. So, You can eat 110, 120, 130. But It gets heavy and heavy and will burst in the future.
Big bodies looks good? But it give many burdens against everything. Our bones, heart, blood pressure and more. Then, we get diabetes eventually.
Good food is more expensive than bad food. It costs you a lot. But how about this? You get sick and got to see a doctor and pay tons of money near future. You might cut legs, use a wheel chair. You never know. That’s why we need to be in good shape. This money saving for the future.

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