Sorry for skipping 5 days.
My weight was 136.6lb this morning. It was 165.7 last night.
If I didn’t eat french fry and chicken wing, I could lose more.
But anyway, I am doing well.
163lb is a kind of safety zone.
The picture is Soba Salad, buckwheat noodle salad. and I ear 2 or 3 times a week for lunch.
It is on a menu and you can order.

I just need to keep going to 160lb. I hope I can see this number next Monday.
A customer told me the other day. “Don’t trust a skinny chef.” What do you think? I think this already dead and past. I could be good at a long time ago. But he, this is 21st century and everybody cares about their health. A fat chef means, he or she makes high calorie food, use a lot of oil, butter, heavy cream. And they eat a lot and no exercise. Can you trust those kind of guys? Actually, a good chef is skinny. Jean George is around 55 years old and he does French but he is very skinny. He told me before he liked Japanese food. He sometimes goes to Hatsuhana in NYC after he finishes job.
My opinion is like this. We need to make delicious, healthy food and need to show how eating good food is important. Also we need to control our body and health condition. No excuse for busy or no time for exercise. Everybody can get same 24 hours from the God and very fair.
Good luck for everyone doing diet. If you have any question about this easy weight loss program and would like to get those foods, let me know. I am happy to help you. TAKA

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