Fish delivery of this week

Please do not expect tuna this week and next week. Fishermen need to take day offs. Most of tuna catchers are not in the ocean. They are staying their family or friends.
Japanese fish delivery is same but it will changer next week because of New Year Holiday in Japan.

Calendar Update

2010 is coming in 4days. We will be closed on New Year Day. But we open Jan. 2nd Saturday.

It is flu season.

What do we have to do against flue in winter?
A: Good breakfast foods for flu
Yogurt, banana, mekabu seaweed(it is hard to get here.), toasted bread with jam, toasted bread with banana, yogurt with jam or banana, miso soup with nameko mushroom, natto with okra,natto miso soup, steam rice with sweet potato. These are very good for prevention.

B: Goof food if you have flu virus.
Egg, it is good for digestion, and rich in nutrients.
Daikon Radish, it is effective for sore throat and cough.
Nira(leek or Chinese chives), it strengthens the stomach.
Green onion, it makes the body warm.
Ginger, it is effective in cutting cough.
Ume, Japanese pickled plum, it is antipyretic.
Orange, it is effective for sore throat and cough.
Peppermint, it has perspiration, reduce the heat.
Apple or pear, these are useful to relieve the thirst of heat.
Brown rice, it can take balanced nutrients.
Shiso leaf, it is effective for cold and fever.

If you catch a cold, medicine are good but take balanced food and get enough sleep. It will recover easily when it is beginning. Daikon radish and green onion are top 2 vegetables for fighting flu. Tea is also good. Catechin in tea can kill bacteria. Gargle with tea really works. Ginger is used in herbal medicine in China is often warming the body and the circulation of blood, sweat effect. If you like Japanese sake, you can try egg sake. Heat up 1 cup of sake and 1 egg and add brown sugar or honey. You have to drink when it is hot. I researched these Japanese ways of healing flu. It might work for you. I really hate to take medicine or going to see the doctor. Those are the final decision. Our body is very strong and we just need to eat good fighting foods for flu. Thanks.

Have happy holidays and wonderful times. Taka

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