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We had good tuna last week. New tuna is coming today. I expect same quality as last week. Japanese fish delivery gets back to normal. I was a little bit happy because of better sales of last week. I cut the price of most items on the menu. That made our customers happy, maybe.

A: Warning to drivers over energy drinks.

This is from England. We see so many kinds of energy drinks and not good for your body. It might help when you get flu. I do not take these usually. I take OX tail healthy body soup every day. That makes me healthy. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) issued a warning about the beverages after research suggested that they can lead to lapses in concentration behind the wheel. The study by the US National Safety Commission found that an hour after drinking a highly caffeinated and sugared drink, motorists suffered delays in their reaction times. The drinks, many of which are promoted as a cure for tiredness, can even make drivers feel more weary, the IAM said. Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “Energy drinks are good as a quick fix, but they’re no substitute for regular breaks.

“Having a high-caffeine drink is a one-off hit “” you can’t repeat it, as this type of drink does not produce the same effect in a couple of hours’ time.” An IAM spokesman added: “Excessive caffeine consumption can cause similar symptoms to alcohol intoxication.” The warning stands in stark contrast to official advice to weary drivers. The Government’s Think! road safety website suggests: “Drink two cups of coffee or a high-caffeine drink and have a rest for 10 to 15 minutes to allow time for the caffeine to kick in.” However, it does warn: “A caffeine drink and a 20 minute nap is a short-term solution that will only allow you to keep driving for a short time.” The IAM has released an alternative set of guidelines for drivers who feel tired during a long journey. They include sharing the driving where possible, pulling over as soon as a driver feels tired, and taking regular breaks from driving. Driver sleepiness is estimated to account for around one fifth of accidents on Britain’s roads, and is responsible for around 300 deaths per year. The dangers of caffeine intoxication have been noted by the American Food and Drink Administration, which described it as having similar effects to drunkenness, including irritability, muscle twitching and slurred speech. Research last year by the National University of Ireland, Galway suggested that caffeine has no stimulating effect on the brain and does not counteract sleepiness. Scientists said the findings called into question road safety policies that urge tired drivers to drink two cups of coffee to ensure alertness at the wheel. The IAM, which is Britain’s largest independent road safety charity, works to improve road safety and driving standards.

B: Petit fasting works for your diet.

If you hear about fasting, you might imagine religious reason. It is not at all. It might works for your diet.
Some people say,” I cannot do without eating. I cannot sleep with empty stomach.” So, I recommend you petit fasting.
It is easy to do that. 1~ Do not eat and drink after 8pm. 2~ It is same as sweets and alcohol. 3~ But you can drink water and tea.
The main reason to get fat is eating after 8pm. The key is Bmal 1, a kind of protein. Bmal 1 can get fat and this protein increase late night. Also, late eating is not good for your stomach. And less sleeping gives you fatigue. Eventually, you get fat even if you do not eat much.
This is a true data. Meat at 10pm is 20 times bad for getting fat than meal at 2pm.
If you want to eat heavy meal like steak, go eat for lunch. And should eat light meal for dinner.
Yes, sushi and Japanese food are the best ways for diet. We do not open late because of this reason.
Hey, girls! Do not go out late night. It kills your skin. You do not feel when you are young. But you have to pay when you get old. This is another warning.

C: Sake tasting on October 21st Wednesday.

We do Sake tasting and autumn meal. The fee is only $30 because of bad economy. 5 sakes and 5 dishes something you never had, maybe. Please send me a mail if you are interested in.
It is October 21st Wednesday 7pm.

TAKA 375 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305 TEL 404-869-2802
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