Fish delivery of this week

Tuna supply is no bad. I have big eye tuna today and not bad. Uni is coming today.
All other fish are same as usual.

Calendar Update

Thanksgiving Day is coming in 10 days. We will be closed on that day.
Christmas Day is coming in 39 days.
2010 is coming in 43 days.

Banana is good, anyway.

Do you like banana or not? I like it and eat every day. There are 3 ways to eat banana. It is just banana but it is banana power.

1st step- Green banana
Green banana is good for diet. This is less sugar and rich in fiber. A piece of banana is only 86kcal. A piece of bread is 211kcal and you can understand how banana is low calorie.
Banana contains glucose, fructose and sucrose. These different sugars turn to energy in different time and it keeps your stomach full and feels full with stimulation of brain from serotonin. And dietary fiber improves bowel movements.

2nd step~ Yellow banana
Yellow banana contains a a lot of potassium and it push away sodium from your body. And it improves the flow of bold. Also it keeps blood pressure normal. It works quickly.

3rd step~ Brown banana
Brown banana is the highest degree of immune activation in the fruits. It kills cancer cells, boost the body’s white blood cells and suppress the allergic inflammation.
Do you eat breakfast or skip it? Banana is easy to eat. Just take a cup of water and banana every morning. Your body will be change soon.

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