This is 2nd time of this week because I will not send next week.

This weekend Fish

I got very good tuna yesterday. It is available all this weekend.
We will be closed from 24th- 26th for Memorial Day Break.

Diet Info

I hit 163.2lb yesterday. So, I am keeping max 165 and minimum 160 ranges so far. I think I start to eat ice cream.

Brush Info

We started brush service for all customers from last weekend. We provide you a brush and special soy sauce when you order sushi. You can take less sodium and can feel real sushi taste. I always say that fish need soy sauce and rice doesn’t need it.
But many customers dip rice side and eat and they say it is good sushi. It is not good sushi. Those people eat soy sauce with sushi. I have no idea who starts this kind of bad manner. I have to correct to right way and want everybody to keep healthy.

How much Japanese make money?

Last year’s average Japanese household income was $55,600. It was 1.9% down from previous year. Also, it was 18% down from 10 years ago. 57% of people answered that their life were having hard times. It was because of mortgage and raising children.

More warmer in the future

Scientists from MIT disclosed a new data. The Earth temperature will warmer than their previous data. They estimated 2.4C up by 2100 in 2003. But they estimate now 5.2C up by 2100. I think we are facing so many unknown things in the future. Need to go back to simple life and save energy. Jury system starts in Japan.
We just started jury trial from May 21st. But 52% of people say that they don’t want to join this system. Only 13% want to join. My opinion? I don’t want to go. No time and I cannot judge that I feel.

Eat sushi on Memorial Day?

One of the reasons I close this period is I cannot get fish from Japan until Wednesday.
If you are thinking eating sushi, this weekend is fine but Monday and Tuesday are not great. Domestic fish is fine but what is domestic fish? It is kanpachi from Hawaii, and live scallop and shell fish only. Tuna is Ok and Salmon is also Ok. You might hit frozen fish.
I highly recommend you to wait until Wednesday.
Why don’t you do BBQ at your backyard? Is this Memorial Day’s Tradition?

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