This week Fish

New tuna is coming today. It is big eye tuna. Uni is available. It is very sweet.
All other fish are same as usual.
We will be closed from 24th- 26th for Memorial Day Break.

Vinegar works for your body.

1 or 2 of large spoons vinegar can decrease visceral fat and neutral fat in blood. It is from Mizkan, Japanese vinegar producer research. Acetate in included in vinegar and it Inhibit the synthesis of fat. It also promotes far burning. The research was used by apple vinegar. They tested 175 adults from 25 ~ 60 years old. A researcher says, it is good prevention or improvement of metabolic syndrome. But have to take everyday otherwise fat is going to back.
Is this mean eating sushi every week makes us in good shape? Or eating salad with vinegar related dressing works well? Maybe, it is so.
Additional Info: Vinegar makes blood pressure lower and cholesterol level in blood lower. Sounds good?

Japan is panic with influenza

18 May 2009, 39 countries have officially reported 8480 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection. How about Japan? So far, 163 people were infected. Especially, Kobe area is bad. 4043 schools were shut down. They are very sensitive and over react. I always say 36,000 people dies every year with seasonal influenza in US and this new case is not a big issue. Why people this so serious. I saw the picture that people made a long line to buy masks.

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