This week Fish

I had a great tuna last week. I am looking forward to see again this week. Everything is backing to normal.

Sake Tasting

I do sake tasting on March 31st Tuesday Night at 6:30pm.
Please send me an e-mail or call at 404-869-2802 for this. $40 with food.
A few seats are available now.

1,What do you think of this?

One fine day, the God saw wolves eat baby sheep and felt bad. So, he pulled over the fangs and changed wolves to sheep. Sheep were having peaceful life. But a few years later, amount of sheep were increasing and strong sheep eat a lots of glasses in the field and weak sheep began to starve.
He felt bad for watching starving sheep. And he gave equal lands for sheep and fighting was over. But all of them became thin and weak and died. He could not expand land.

A new God showed up later. He did freedom against wolves and gave permission to catch sheep. He also gave them strong fangs and brain. The land became war zone. Strong wolves at weak sheep and they ate all of them. Then wolves started to eat each other. A few years later, a big wolf was standing a lone in the field.
Is it a promotion of competition that carries out tightening regulation of the difference correction or economic rationalization? This is our eternal problem. Rich people are getting more and poor people are stay there forever. It is called difference. It is very important issue in Japan and USA.

2, Yam potato or natto are getting popular in overseas.

Japan’s rate of food self-sufficiency is below 40% and we rely on food from overseas import. But some foods are getting popular in overseas. In Taiwan, Nagaimo, yam potato is popular. They use it for soup, juice. They create a new way of eating. Of course, they have Nagaimo but Japanese Nagaimo has a texture and food safety issue helps selling high price.
Natto is getting popular. People exchange the information through the internet. Some people use it for curry, mixing with cheese, topping for ramen noodle and more. Natto is fermented and great healthy food but hard to sell. But a exhibition in Germany last year, Natto roll, a kind of sushi was very popular. It took 10 years for tofu to get citizenship. Natto might takes 10-15 years. How about other foods? Scallop from Aomori is popular for French cooking in Europe and US, Mandarin orange is popular in US. Melon, apple, grape are popular in Asia and Middle East.

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