This week Fish

I got big eye tuna last week. That one was with chu-toro. I have no idea this week. Winter season is always hard to get good tuna.
CA’s uni is Ok now. It comes on today. Boston area fish is also same.

1, The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Report

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan made an announcement last week about pension. So far, the government pays 1/3 of pension but need to raise , otherwise this pension system cannot pay in the year of 2020. Japanese population is decreasing but old people live longer ever and their proportion is increasing. That means worker’s burden is increasing more and more. Basically, worker’s payment support retired people pension.

2, Need money? Sell your hair.

Have you seen I think you know auto You can place your ad and sell hair on this site. Popular hairs are virgin hair. What is virgin hair? It is not colored, permanent. It is just natural hair. The price range is around $150~$200. If you have a long and nice virgin hair, try it.

3, Shark attack victim is decreasing.

Only 59 people were attacked by sharks lat year. This number is same as 2003 and very low. The reason is very simple because of bad economy and people don’t go to the beach.
71 people were attacked in 2007.

4, Sleeping is good prevention for diabetes.

This is from University of Chicago research.
They collected 9 people between 20-31 years old and tested 5 nights. They go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7:30am. The first 2 nights were no sleep deprivation. And other 3 nights, they made noise with speakers for Obstruction of deep sleep. Their deep sleep time were decreased 90% actually. This is same as older people sleeping habit. Older people have only 20 minutes of deep sleep, and your people have 80-100 minutes every night. After research, they checked their bodies and got something. Less sleep lead gaining of weight. Gaining weight mean a bad sign of diabetes.

5, It is not only CA but many states.

You know CA is facing crisis. But 46 states are facing same situation. CA has $150B debt, FL has $51B, NY has $55B, AZ has $20B, NV has $12B, GA has $18B, NJ has $25B. AZ might be a next fatal states. Their money will dry out in 12 days. It is same is Japan. City of Toyota “s revenue will be decreased 96% from last year because of Toyota mootor’s bad performance. They are also facing crisis.

6, Thank you for joining 7 years event.

We had a 7 years anniversary night last Thursday. It was packed and many customers enjoyed, celebrated our anniversary event. We are still in good position. This month’s sales is still higher than last year. We are not losing money. I need to talk with my land load about renewal of lease. I want to do my business next 3 years, anyway. I don’t know how they say. The current lease will be expired in this September.

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