This week Fish

New tuna is coming today. I think many people are on vacation. We opens today buy will be closed on 24th and 25th.

Live scallop has a little problem because of bad weather in NE area.

A; Don’t eat much and don’t drink much.

It is a time to eat and drink. Parties every week? According to a survey, many people gain weight after New Year’s Day. That’s because people eat and drink and not much exercise. It is cold winter and many people stay at home. It is a great chance to play golf because no much people play in cold winter. Golf fee is cheaper than summer time. You can save money and don’t need to wait.

B: Drink gold leaf sake and have happy 2009!

We offer gold leaf sake at the end of year and New Year for our customers. It is complimentary from us. Gold is a symbol of good financial luck. By taking gold inside of your body, you are ready to welcome more money in 2009. I know many people are losing money this year. We have to stop it. We need to raise a big STOP sign and watch right and left and move forward.

Thank you for reading my newsletter this year. This is the last one. I try to find more healthy topics and valuable information to you in 2009. TAKA

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