This week Fish

April is almost over. Our sales are good and will be higher than last year again.
I have good tuna and toro today. Uni is coming on today. Live scallop is also coming on today.
I got Hiramasa, young yellow tail last week. It was 1 size smaller than hamachi.
Hamachi is promotion fish. It is same fish but changes name 4 times.

Beer tasting on tomorrow was canceled.

There are 3 stories related with bad economy.

A: A stripper from Morgan Stanley

Do you know this story? It appears the NYPost may have been duped. WallStFolly pieces some biographical information together on Randi Newton to suggest her story doesn’t make sense. Here’s her IMDB profile. Perhaps it was just one of those stories that was just too good to check out. As the ranks of Wall Streeters thin, it seems inevitable that stripper salaries will go down. But at this point, there’s still enough business that a laid off banker can do pretty well pole dancing. You know, at least for the female ones.
NYP: Randi Newton, 28, who lives in Midtown, was a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley before the crash but was fired.”A few nights after I got laid off, I went with friends to a strip club to get drunk and forget my unemployment troubles,” Newton said. “The manager offered me a job as a dancer. I thought it was different. And fun.”Today, Newton, who calls herself an “independent contractor,” pole dances at Rick’s Cabaret (RICK) in Murray Hill three or four nights a week and says she makes “$160,000 a year on tips alone.””It was very odd seeing a strip club being better run than a major brokerage firm, not to mention I’ve never had problems with sexual harassment at Rick’s,” she said.

B: A good English speaking servers.

After financial crisis, so many white color people were fired. So what happen to them? Yes, they are working with restaurants as waiters and waitresses. If you go to DC, you can see them. They can speak perfect English.

C; People cannot divorce because of low housing price.

Many couples want to divorce but they cannot. They are waiting housing price is coming back. In Georgia, they got divorced. But they live together because they cannot sell the house. There are several cases like this.
In California, a divorced couple sold the house. The house was $2.3M before but they sold at $0.6M

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