This week FISH

I will not have a deal with Mirugai for a while. It is still expensive and cannot sell well.
We have Aoyagi Clam instead of it. Tuna is up and down. I combine with O2 tuna.
I will not have much fish this weekend because of Labor Day weekend.

Closing Information

We will be closed the business from September 6th- 8th.( Sunday- Tuesday)
We cannot fish from Japan during this period. Please do not eat sushi this period.

Japan Fest 2009

This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
I might get free tickets soon. Please let me know if you are interested in.

50,000 winner is coming very soon!

You can get a free dinner at TAKA. If your receipt number is 50,000, you can get it free.
The last ticket on Saturday night was 49,960. So, I can guess Tuesday or Wednesday.
Did you hit Mega Millions last week? Taka 50,000 is much much easier than Mega Millions.

Prevent DUI

Toyota invented Alcohol interlock system for automobiles. If a driver breathes and computer detect alcohol, engine does not start. It is test step right now but will be installed near future.

Japan will be No.3 at the end of this year.

It is from IMF.
It is said in 2010 but might be this year. If China GDP grows 8% and Japan GDP go down -3.5%, China will be 2nd inter world.
Japan has been No.2 since 1968. Germany was 2nd at that time.

22 spoons of sugar

This is from AHA(American heart association).
You guys are taking 22 spoons of sugar everyday. Over taking of sugar cause over weight, high blood pressure and cardiac. You need to reduce of taking sugar.
A can of coke or soft drinks includes 8 spoons of sugar and it means 130kcal of sugar.
If you like coke, diet coke is better. But diet coke use chemical sugar. Someone told me it was poison sugar. But which one is better? I take chemical sugar. Anyway I do not drink coke everyday and maybe once or twice a week.
AHA recommends eating fruits, vegetables and lean meat and fish.
Also they says 9 spoons of sugar for men, 6 spoon of it for women is fine.

Cancer and food

This is from Tokyo.
Even as Japanese, a high incidence of colorectal cancer Japanese American people. Colorectal cancer has been increasing rapidly due to westernized eating habits in Japan.
So, what do we have to eat? It is vegetables and fruits. They are good prevention against any cancers.
Japanese women breast cancer rate is lower than American women. It is because Japanese women eat soy beans more than American. Seaweed, kelp, potato, beans are really good.
On the other hand, over taking of salt, meat and animal fat are really bad.
If you change your eating habit, you can reduce cancer risk about 30-40%.
Do it now!

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