This week FISH

Japan is holiday and Japanese fish delivery is only 1 time.
All fish are coming on tomorrow.
Big eye tuna also coming on tomorrow.

We are getting old and…

September 20th is Old people Day, this is Japanese holiday. Japanese government released a data. 1/4 of women in Japan is more than 65 yrs. Old. Can you believe it? It is 25.4% and 1/5 of men are same. These number is highest in history.

Eating sushi is decreasing.

This data from Mitzcan, vinegar company.
They asked housewives how often do they eat sushi. The answer was 1.4 times a month. The last year data was 2.0 times.
There are 4 ways to eat sushi but all data were down.
1~togo sushi from supermarket from 0.8 times to 0.5 times
2~Cheap sushi, belt conveyer sushi from 0.6 times to 0.5 times
3~making sushi at home from 0.5 times to 0.3 times
4~ Sushi restaurant It was same and 0.1 times.

We do not go to sushi restaurants often. It is very expensive in Japan. If you have 4 people in your family and go there, you have to spend $400 without drinks.
Most of our regular customers come weekly or bi-weekly. If I do not see them for a while, I say “Long time no see.”
IL state think prisoner releasing.
IL governor think of this. It is to cut cost. The government can save $5,000,000 for a year and try to release 1000 prisoners.
IL had this before and that was 2002. They tried to release 4500 prisoners at that time but did not because of complaint from many people.
I think death penalty is much easier for heavy crime like murder. In that way, China is easier than any other country. I think they do it as much as possible.
I do not think murder of single person. But more than 3 people should do it right away.
There is no excuse when someone kill many people. It is not accident and any other reason. Those people cannot come back to normal life.
I think murder rate will low down if some state do that.
People always say human rights or something like that. But there is no human rights someone kill people. If we live as a human being, we cannot kill anybody.
I am not agree with death penalty but better than releasing prisoners.

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