This week Fish

Good tuna comes once a week so far. We got good one last week. Mirugai is still high price as same reason. I worry about all fish price because of weak dollar against Japanese yen. How much price has changed?
Uni – 18% up from 12 months ago
Hamachi – 15% up
Quail egg – 10% up
Kanpachi – 12% up
Salmon – 11% up
Hirame – 17% up
Live Scallop – 40% up
Aji – 4% up
Madai – 14% up
Anago – 17% up
Mirugai – 32% up
Saba – 5.5% up
Tuna(bigeye) – 5% up

1, Buy your company’s goods and increase sales.

Toyota’s managers decided to buy new Toyota cars by the end of March. Toyota has 2200 managers and some higher position people also agreed to buy. They had a managers meeting on Jan. 9th and decided but was not obligation and buy their own decision purchase. Some managers thinks to by 2 cars. I don’t know how much discount option for employees.
Mazda has a kind of same promotion. Mazda’s headquarter is in Hiroshima and City of Hiroshima and Hiroshima prefecture government and Bank of Hiroshima try to help Mazda. Hiroshima government buys 200 cars, Bank of Hiroshima buys 120 cars. Hiroshima Bank owns 700 cars and 500 are from Mazda. But they decided to buy Mazda cars only from now on.

2, New measurement for diabetes

Who install new measurement for heart disease or diabetes. WHO used BMI and more than 25 index is high risk. But many low BMI index people dies with heart disease in Asia. So WHO changed from BMI to waist size.
New measurement in Asia is 85cm(33.46inches) for men and 75cm (29.53 inches. How about US and Europe? 100cm(39.37inches) for men and 90cm(35.43 inches) for women. Middle East area is just between Asia and Europe. Please check your waist size. Over? Come to taka and ear healthy body soup. This is the one of solution.

3, The doctor withdraws when the sun produces the face.

This is from Europe proverb. It is good to get sunshine. To activate vitamin D, need to get sunbathing. It is also goof for osteoporosis prevention. Many people do their face but doesn’t necessary. You just get stain and burn. Our foot need sunbathing. Take off your shoes and socks and get sunshine.

4, [Happy for no reason] by Marci Simoff

Are you sick in mentally or physically? This book might help you. Sub title is [7 steps being happy from the inside out]. Sounds good? I just read book review for Japanese version. Japanese title is [ Do it only for good for your brain]. 350 thousands books sold in Japan at the end of 2008. I just ordered an original version to Amazon .com. Everybody wants to be happy but many people cannot be happy. Too much things are going on around us but we cannot lose our ways of life. Good luck everyone! TAKA

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