This week Fish

I have not received any big eye tuna for last 2 weeks. But I will get it on today. It is available for next 3-4 days. It will be a nice 7 years anniversary night on Thursday. But some weather issues show up. Uni is not coming for 2-3 days because of west coast weather issue and live scallop is not coming because of north east weather issue Uni actually came yesterday and still available.

1, Just like buying [Made in USA.]

Panasonic ordered their employees to buy more than $1000 of Panasonic products. The company asked about 10,000 of managers and minimum is $1000 before July. This is called “Buy Panasonic Action”. They actually did same thing in 2002. I welcome Intel’s investment in AZ or NM. They make factories and make chips or something. They are made in USA. It stimulates our economy. I want more companies come back to US and build factories and hire blue colors.
I don’t know what items are suitable and can compete with made in China. But there are something can beat made in China.

2, I replaced chairs.

I bought new chairs and replaced. This chair is made in China. I bought around 40 and I returned 4. It meant 10% were bad. The worst ones was impossible to assemble. The position of 2 holes for screws didn’t match and couldn’t screw.
Anyway, I am very happy with new chairs.

3, Japanese common mistake with English.

This is from Elizabeth Conn, English teacher and teaches for Japanese.
You know my English is not great. I made a mistake last week. It was not royal, was loyal. I wrote, Thank you for your royalty. I just didn’t realize. I did spell check and was not a spell mistake.
Common Mistakes – Corrections in below

Almost Japanese women gain weight in Atlanta, GA.
Almost all or most Japanese women gain weight in Atlanta, GA.

Good-bye, I’ll see you 2 weeks later.
Good-bye, I’ll see you in 2 weeks.

What apartments do you live in? What is your room number?
What apartment do you live in? (Note: Room number is for hotel only.)

From 7:00.
Starting at 7:00.
(When you have from, you need to have 2 numbers [ex. From 7:00 to 9:00])

I’m getting married next next week.
I’m getting married the week after next.

The Flying Biscuit Restaurant is delicious.
The Flying Biscuit Restaurant is great. (Only the food is delicious.)

She is married with an American.
She is married to an American.

My mother-in-law present me this.
My mother-in-law gave me this present.

My birthday is on May.
My birthday is in May, on May 26th.

It is a fine day.
It is a beautiful day.

My son very, very like soccer.
My son likes soccer very, very much.

This is my sign.
This is my signature. (Or for a famous person, please give me your autograph.)

My husband likes classic music.
My husband likes classical music.

I have been to Swan House last Tuesday.
I went to Swan House last Tuesday.

I pick up him at school at 3:00 pm.
I pick him up at school at 3:00 pm.
(Pronouns ・ it, she, he, me. them, it ・ go in the middle of 2 part verb.)

I have baby.
I have a baby.

This is for you.

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