This week Fish

Tuna supply is same as last week. Cannot expect great one but can expect OK tuna. Uni is not coming for a couple of days because of bad weather in CA.
I just started Sayori, saury. This slender beautiful fish is in season.

Patio Special

We have Sangria for patio season. We do white, red and plum. You should try plum sangria. It is only Taka.
Yuzu sake is also available. It has a nice citrus flavor of yuzu.
Then I have Tuna poke for special. Poke is Hawaiian style tuna sashimi.
I use pineapple for sauce. It is popular and people love it.

March Sales is higher than last year.

Thank you for your business at TAKA. Our business in March is higher than last year. I am very happy to say this. Thanks again.

What do you think of this? Continued from last week.

Do you remember this. I sent you last week.
One fine day, the God saw wolves eat baby sheep and felt bad. So, he pulled over the fangs and changed wolves to sheep. Sheep were having peaceful life. But a few years later, amount of sheep were increasing and strong sheep eat a lots of glasses in the field and weak sheep began to starve.
He felt bad for watching starving sheep. And he gave equal lands for sheep and fighting was over. But all of them became thin and weak and died. He could not expand land.
A new God showed up later. He did freedom against wolves and gave permission to catch sheep. He also gave them strong fangs and brain. The land became war zone. Strong wolves at weak sheep and they ate all of them. Then wolves started to eat each other. A few years later, a big wolf was standing a lone in the field.
So, this story ask you which one is better, capitalism or socialism. The first one is just like Karl Marx and the second one is like this country. I think we are going to modified capitalism in the future.
Obama tries to bring health insurance for everybody here in the country. Is this good or bad? Some people say “Why does government need to do so nice to all? Someone can afford and someone cannot afford. This is capitalism. ”
Then other people say ” The job of government is support all the people here in the country. If they have troubles, they should help them. Everybody need to take equal opportunities. ” I was born in Japan and health insurance was there already. We pay high tax but can get good benefits. If you live in Canada, you need to pay 44% of income tax but can get great benefit. So which one is better for you? Some people refuse to pay insurance fee. ” I am healthy. I don’t want to pay insurance fee. So, give me money.” I think this bill will be rejected.

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