This week FISH

Summer Special
Pike eel, Hamo is coming on Thursday. Hamo is very famous fish in summer. Summer dish in Kyoto means Hamo. Hamo has so many bones and need to cut by knife. I try to make sushi with pickled plume paste and shiso.
Also, I get Striped beak fish, Ishidai. Ishidai sounds like a group pf snapper. This is wild and expecting nice texture of white meat. Ishidai eat shellfish and small fish.
I have to try something new otherwise my life is bored.
I will show you the pictures when it comes.

Car is changing.

Nissan just released that they sell EV(Electric vehicle) in next Autumn. And the price will be lower than $20,000. Subaru and Mitsubishi start to sell EV in next month in Japan but the price is more than $30,000. And they make only 1400 cars a year. Nissan is thinking to produce more than 50,000 cars a year and try to deduce cost. As you know, Toyota is so far No.1 for Hybrid car and Honda is chasing. If Nissan want to beat them, Nissan need to fight in different field. EV can make zero emission and future might be bright.

Toyota’s new Prius has 140,000 orders right now and buyers need to wait at least 6 months.
New Prius has solar panel on roof. This solar battery activate ceiling fan when car is parked. So, inside of car is cool always. It is good for summer time.
I sometimes feel like this. We are living in the USA. And we are ruing world environment. I have 3 cars now. But I will sell one of them soon. Everybody drives car here in Atlanta. Highways are packed sometimes. They make so many accidents. We like big cars, And how many people on board, a driver only. This is waste, just waste. Why we need to buy a big car? Is it because we need to show the power of money? It is time to change our life. Do you own a big house? How many people live there? How much power bill pay every month and how much gas bill pay every winter? We need to change our life style to protect our future. I don’t say all of us are bad, but at least I feel most of us ruin environment.
This is one of the reason that I leave this country near future. I want to be more nice to environment.

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