Fish delivery and more

It’s finally, we got good tuna yesterday. I posted the picture on my blog. Our supplier did not expect until they cut this tuna. I had a phone call from my sales person in the morning.

I can make tons of Negitoro Don for you. All other fishes are fine,

Weight Control and Golf

I went to Eastlake GC on Sunday. I did not see many people. They just followed Tiger Woods. I felt sad this was Top 30 players championship and not many people to see it.

Golf is still minor sports if we compare NFL, MLB, NBA.

2011 seafood catch largest in nearly two decades

This is from CNN. U.S. fishermen recorded their largest catch since 1994 last year, according to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The agency said Wednesday that American commercial fishermen landed 10.1 billion pounds of fish and shellfish in 2011, a haul valued at $5.3 billion. That’s an increase of 1.9 billion pounds and more than $784 million from 2010.

Christine Patrick, a spokeswoman for the NOAA, said the strengthening of the federal law on fisheries management in 2006 had been key to improving volumes. She also credited improvement in real-time monitoring systems that allow fishermen to stay within catch limits.

Yet even with the improved catch last year, the U.S. still imported about 91% of the seafood consumed in the country in 2011, the report said. Globally, seafood trade volumes and values hit new highs in 2011, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. These totals are expected to continue rising, with developing countries accounting for the bulk of world exports, the organization said.

The U.S. was responsible for roughly 3% of the global seafood catch in 2010, trailing China at 35%, India at 6% and Indonesia at 5%, the NOAA said.

China is invading Japanese territory recently. One of reason is fish. They need to feed protein for people in mainland. They almost caught all fishes around seashores and go far from coast now. We need to stop it.

If Japan fights against China, Japan wins. The reason is very simple. Japanese high technology weapons defeat weapons made in China. It sounds like joke but true. We know well about what is made in China.


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