Taka Update June 27, 2016
Fish and More
Tuna is good one. I received Ecuador big eye tuna on Friday. And I am aging now. I sold some on Saturday. But Monday taste is better and Tuesday is also better.
Uni is Japanese only, it is small but sweet taste. Canadian uni season starts very soon. I believe the ocean temperature in Canada is still cold and it is good for uni.
I normally reduce buying fish this week but I just go as usual. Tuesday is Japanese fish delivery, and Thursday is also same.
Live scallop is not coming on Monday. It might be Tuesday.
Shiso leaf is from house. It grows in my garden and I pick it every 2 days. This is 100% organic. Shiso leaf is very strong and no fertilizer need. I just give water every 2 days. Beside shiso leaf, I make jalapeno and just start harvest. And myoga ginger is coming soon. This fresh ginger sprout is amazingly matches with fish.
July 4th is coming. We will be closed as usual. I just come to the restaurant and clean up some. I saw small spider web already. Light shade is getting un clear. So many things to do. It’s my baby and need to take care well.

Inside of Restaurant
Labor issue is almost gone. I hired 3 people. One of part timer sushi chef became full time. I can reduce my job. 3 of new people are great so far. And I have a bartender now and we can make more cocktails. They are still under training and takes 2 weeks to become servers. I was facing crisis of lunch staff. But this is fine now. We have enough staff after school start.

Summer Specials
GA summer is really hot and humid. I cannot use patio even at night. We need to have lower temperature to serve sushi and sashimi. We only sell sushi below 80F outside.
We are serving Sangria for this hot summer. We have red and white with many kinds of fruits and I add shiso leaf, it gives sangria good flavor. And shiso leaf is healthy.
Gazpacho is also available. My gazpacho is really special. Fresh vegetables and I add beets
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