Taka Update July 31, 2013

Fish delivery and more

I have very good tuna. It came on Tuesday. It was stomach side and 37 lbs. I sold one of tuna collar and had one more. Uni supply is getting better. King Salmon is not available this week. And it will not come next week. NZ supplier needs to put more ice to keep less than 41F or put ice at LAX again. But they refuse it so far. All other fish are fine. Hamo, Pike eel is coming on Thursday, this is typical summer fish in Japan.


 Closed Information

We will be closed September 01-08. (Sunday-Sunday) I go to Big Island, Hawaii this time. I will visit sea farm where we buy Kona Kanpachi.


Eating Hot Foods On Melamine Dishes Increases Risk Of Kidney Stones

The finding came from a new study conducted by Taiwanese researchers and was published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.
The researchers discovered that the amount of melamine we are exposed to increases with hot temperatures, therefore, the chance of developing kidney stones rises.

The team, led by Chia-Fang Wu, M.S., Ph.D., of Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan, performed a crossover investigation of consumption of noodle soup in melamine bowls and total melamine excretion in urine.

According to background information in the report, a constant exposure to low doses of melamine may be linked to urolithiasis (urinary system stones) in kids and adults.

A previous report demonstrated that there was an increase in the number of children experiencing urinary stones due to melamine-tainted formula.

There were twelve healthy people, six were males and six were females, who took part in the research. The 12 participants were split up into 2 groups:

  • one group ate 500 ml of hot noodle soup in melamine bowls
  • the other group ate soup in ceramic bowls

Twelve hours after the subjects consumed the soup, they were asked to give samples of their urine.

After a “three-week washout”, the group who ate from the ceramic bowls ate from the melamine bowls and the group who ate from the melamine bowls ate from the ceramic bowls.

The participants were asked to give urine samples a second time so that the researchers could compare.


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