Taka Update July 10, 2013

Fish delivery and more

Good week for fish lovers. I have so many kinds of fish from Japan. Uni?  No idea for this weekend. It’s summer, uni needs vacation right?

Tuna is OK, I have Hawaiian big eye tuna and not fat. I also have Tenku-Maguro, farmed Blue fin tuna from Japan.


 Closed Information

We will be closed September 01-08. (Sunday-Sunday) I go to Big Island, Hawaii this time. That’s it. No more vacation this year.


Sake Tasting on July 18th

We will get a sake brewer from Japan and have Sake tasting. You can taste 3 premium sakes and 2 premium beers. I try to make Casual Japanese foods, Asparagus Mentaiko, Sunagimo Ponzu, Sansai Tofu, Geso Kara-age, Yakibuta and Tako-yaki. You have no idea those foods, you have to try them. You will know what Japanese eat.

If you are interested in, please send me a mail at sushiandpassion@gmail.com. Only 6seats are available so far.


Andy Murray’s Food Obsession

How do you become a Wimbledon tennis champion? It takes a lot of practice, talent, and skill, but it also takes a hefty and healthy diet. Andy Murray, Wimbledon’s first British men’s champion in 77 years, has divulged his food obsession and perhaps secret to his endurance: sushi.

According to MSN Food, Murray reportedly consumes around 6,000 calories a day (the average male consumes about 2,500), and has been known to eat around 50 pieces of sushi in one sitting! Good thing intense tennis playing burns up to 700 calories an hour. The combination of protein and carbohydrates makes sushi perfect for athletic muscle recovery and blood sugar stability, and is apparently a common post-match food for many tennis players, including Serena Williams. When confessing his sushi adoration, Murray also noted that he eats sushi within one hour of training to maximize the food’s benefits.

So the next time you’re training for a big match or just want a good source of energy, consider Murray’s meal plan and grab a sushi roll. Although perhaps try to keep it to less than 50 pieces


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