Fish delivery and more

Bad weather in Japan effects some fish delivery. Seki Aji is no coming this week. Sayori, Iwashi are not available so far. I am not sure tomorrow delivery.

Tokyo got 1 inch of snow yesterday and the city was panicked. It is same as Atlanta. People in Tokyo are not familiar with snow and a few inches of snow makes everything bad.

Tuna supply is back to normal, means bad normal. Toro is also same.

Weight Control and Golf

I am trying to lose weight but am keeping same weight. Our business is really good and hard find the time to work out.

Golf? I shot 97 last Sunday. Can I excuse? Bad weather, bad condition, I will go back to revenge this Sunday. It will be 55F high and sunny. I expect sunny in my golf mind.

Good business in January

Our business in January is really good. I expect the new sales record in January. 6 more days and need to make it. Making number is XTC.

10 years Anniversary night is coming in a month.

I opened TAKA Sushi on February 19th 2002. Yes, this is our 10 years anniversary is coming very soon.

Of course, we do crazy specials as usual. Let’s celebrate our 10 years anniversary.

Actually 19th is Sunday this year, I need to play golf on Sunday and do this on Monday. I name it Monday Night Anniversary. I show you more detail later.


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