Taka Update August 08, 2013

Fish delivery and more

Tuna is not great but I have some new fish this weekend only. I have Tachi-Uo (Belt fish), Kuro-Mutsu (Japanese Bluefish, Bigeye), Umazura-Hagi (Black Scraper, Filefish). It is fun to try new fish and I want you to do it. Uni supply is tight. I have one pack today and might come tomorrow again. And I finally received King Salmon this morning.


 Closed Information

We will be closed September 01-08. (Sunday-Sunday) I go to Big Island, Hawaii this time. I will visit sea farm where we buy Kona Kanpachi.


‘Click farms’: how some businesses manipulate social media


A Channel 4 Dispatches investigation exposes how some businesses promote themselves on the internet by purchasing fake Facebook ‘likes’, Twitter followers and YouTube views. In this excerpt, film-maker Chris Atkins reports from Bangladesh, where ‘click farm’ workers are paid as little as a thousandth of a dollar per click to manipulate social media statistics.

So, do you believe some reviews online? We need to have our own opinions. I can say 50% of online reviews are not real. And I don’t see those reviews. It is very tired to see them. I see our sales and if it grows, there is no problem. The thing is very simple. And our customers say to me, “ Taka, you do good job.” I am happy with those words.


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