Taka Update April 01,  2015

Fish delivery and more

I have big eye tuna with good fat. This is around 35 lbs. It is available next 2-3 days.

Uni is available. It is Maine again. I had Live Uni but sold out. Might get again.

Live scallop is available. There is no problem. I get Mirugai, Giant Clam today.

Japanese fish Omakase came yesterday. This is from Kyushu, west of Japan.

Maters is coming next week. I bring Wagyu, Japanese beef for the players.

Easter is coming this Sunday. I go to Green Church and pray and play my game.


Sushisandpassion Instagram is available. Search at sushiandpassion. You can see Fish Omakase oictures.

Cigarettes end life early for two out of every three smokers
More than 200,000 Australians — smokers and non-smokers — took part in a research study which ultimately revealed that death from cigarette use is much higher than doctors previously estimated. The journal BMC Medicine reported that smoking just 10 cigarettes daily doubles the chance of death. If you smoke 20 cigarettes daily — about one pack — that makes a person four to five times more likely to die from cancer, heart disease or smoke-related illnesses.
I never smoked. I just try a couple of times.


Healthy Reason To Drink Coffee

More than half of American grown-ups drink coffee every day. Their non-sipping counterparts may want to follow suit. The health benefits associated with drinking coffee are plenty: The brew is packed with antioxidants and downing a cup can help wake up the brain and make a person feel more alert and focused. A new report published by the World Cancer Research Fund found that the apparently magical liquid can also decrease a person’s risk for liver cancer.

The numbers are pretty significant: Researchers found that a consistent love for coffee could lower liver cancer risk by 14 percent. As part of ongoing research for the Continuous Update Project, a research team at Imperial College London analyzed 34 existing global studies about how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weigh relate to cancer risk and survival. Collectively, the studies covered approximately 8.2 million adults and 24,500 cases of liver cancer. Researchers are not sure why coffee might protect against the disease, but they hypothesized that certain compounds in the beverage could help to fight toxins. “Both coffee and coffee extracts have also been shown to reduce the expression of genes involved in inflammation, and the effects appear to be most pronounced in the liver,” the report reads.

Researchers also found that those with an alcohol habit benefited from the addition a coffee habit: Those who consumed about three alcoholic beverages a day could reduce liver damage, ultimately lessening their risk for liver cancer.

I take coffee but this is café with milk, honey and Baily. This is only in the morning.

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