Hey, I just started these items in Japanese menu. Both are kinds of Izakaya food.
Izakaya, Japanese pub is getting popular here in US.
Basically, Izakaya menus are not healthy.
We go to Izakaya because reasonable and variety of dishes. We eat so many fried items Fried food stimulates our brain and ask us drink more beer then we get fat. It is OK once a week or every 2 weeks.
1, Shishamo Amazu -zuke, Cappeline marinated with sweet vinegar.
We like shishamo. This tiny fish has roe and can eat from head to tail.
I know some Americans hate see fish head. Normally, we don’t waste much. Especially in case of small fish, we eat all of them. It might be tough item for normal Americans. But you can try.

2, Gyudon, Japanese beef bowl.
This is much much easier than shishamo. I like, you like, he likes and she likes.
Do you know sukiyaki? It is juts like that. I cook sliced beef and onion with soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar. Scatter beef things on top of steamed rice. Then red ginger is great combination with beef. I don’t make big portion. This is small and $5.00. Because, I want you to eat other items. If you go to Japan or CA, you can see YOSHINOYA. YOSHINOYA is gyudon special restaurant. They sell gyudon only. They have more than 1000 stores in Japan and open 24 hours. So you understand how Japanese like gyudon. This is casual Japanese food and no one dislike. I don’t do that but many people like raw egg with gyudon.

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