This is shirako, fish spermary. We normally eat Cod, monk fish and blowfish. I never seen monk fish spermary. I had eaten blow fish spermary one time in my life. And this is from cod.
Why do we eat this kind of thing? It tastes good and good for our body, very rare and seasonable.
Shirako help our night life, I can say it is good for sex.
And it is good prevention for aging, cancer.
I recommend you eat when you feel tired.

How do we eat? It is not sashimi or sushi.
Tempura, saute, cook. I like lightly cook with miso, ginger dashi broth.
Try shirako for keeping your healthy body.
It is available winter time only.
Don’t be scared. I think it is much much cheaper than tiger’s penis or something like that. Does it work ? You have to try. I gave small potrions for several customers last night. They said good taste.

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