We had Sake tasting last night.
It was a big night.
This time was the biggest tasting ever.
We had more than 30 people singed up and got 24 people.
5 sakes and 6 dishes were served. This time’s winner was Koshino Yukiwariso, Snow Grass.
This is raw sake. Sake actually boiled 2 times. And this Snow Grass boiled 1 time only.
Sake was brought by Sake Story, Atlanta based Sake importer.
Tasting Sake were Tsukino wa (Moon ring), Shudo ( Way of Sake), Koshino Yukiwariso (Snow Grass), Gopuriki 50 (Field Crane), Yamahai (Old Mountain) and Chisui Kafu ( Elements) from left to right.

I made Yakibuta (Grilled and cooked pork, sliced), Beets and Vegetables Salad, Nanbanzuke( marinated fish), Crispy fried Bay Scallop, Aji Namerou ( Japanese Jackfish Salad with miso sauce) and Brown Rice Takikomi Gohan( Dashi cooked brown rice with vegetables, hijiki seaweed)
We will do it again in January. It’s going to be 2010 Kick off tasting. We will serve gold leaf sake for your good luck in 2010 and more.

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