As you know, ramen noodle is getting popular. If you go to NYC, you can see ramen store everywhere.
It’s crazy. Americans start to eat unhealthy ramen. And it is popular in NYC and CA.
I think they don’t know ramen is high calorie.

According to my research, simple ramen is around 500kcal. and heavy one is more than 1600kcal.
If ramen is 500kcal, noodle is 343 kcal and top. Soup is around 50kcal.

This is simple shoyu ramen and about 500kcal.

This ramen is from Ippudo in NYC, This style is called Tonkotsu ramen.
They use pork bone and a little bit heavy. I don’t know but calorie is more than 700 kcal.

This is from Sapporo Ramen in NYC.  I think this is Miso ramen.

This is from Totto Ramen in NYC.

Oh, you can see ramen movie. This is preview.
Tampopo is very famous ramen movie in 1985.
I think you understand how Japanese people love ramen.

Do I like ramen? Yes, I do. But I don’t eat weekly, monthly. Because I know it is high calorie food and high sodium food.
It is same as French fry, chicken wings. I like them but I do not eat weekly.

By the way, more than 230 people watched this article in a week.
You understand how ramen noodle is booming in this country.
We soled 2 ramen noodles at lunch. Young white ladies ordered. They were talking and eating.
When I saw the bowls in the kitchen, I was surprised. They just ate half of them.
We need to eat ramen when it is hot. This is the No.1 rule of eating ramen.
You cannot wait until ramen is warm, a little bit cool down.
The life of ramen is hot soup.
My Japanese friends went to NYC 1 month ago. They ordered ramen at ramen store.
They said the soup was not hot.
So I guessed many ramen stores don’t make hot because Americans cannot eat when it is hot.
They normally wait. But what is happening when we wait ?
Noodles get moisture and make noodle very bad. Noodle lose texture.
I say NO when people want to take home their soup noodle.
Many people think they can reheat and can eat. Udon, Soba and ramen are not like pasta.
It is because of soup and noodle.
Please eat ramen when it is hot. You can make noise, you can blow noodle to make cool down.
You have to eat ramen when it is hot.  Thank you.

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