I just started nuka-zuke. It took 2 weeks to set up.
I bought kome-nuka, rice dust from Farmers Market.
Rice Dust? It is from brown rice. White rice comes from brown rice. When brown rice mill, kome nuka comes out. So, I say rice dust.
But this is a fortune of health.
It contains Vitamin E, B1, B2, iron, fiber, calcium and more.

It is same as brown rice.
I made nuka-doko, nuka-duke base with rice dust, salt, red pepper and kelp. It contains lactobacillus and this is a key to make you healthy.
This is good for blemishes, freckles, obesity, diabetes, constipation and diet.
It is hard to translate for explanation. I read Japanese article, believe me.
It take a just one day to make nuka-zuke. I pickle egg plant, cucumber, daikon radish and carrot.
I do not ask you make this but it might be fun.
Or you can eat nuka-zuke pickles at TAKA.

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