It’s holiday and the most wonderful time of the year. Who care about that? I don’t care. We were closed from Sunday to Tuesday and made new sushi bar. We peeled off surface bamboo topping and plywood. It was blue when we opened the restaurant in 2002.

Then, I went to Home Depot and bought ply wood.

I cut the wood for size of sushi bar and nailed it. I did not use any glue. I might change again in the future.

Then, I applied new bamboo topping with glue. I started to do from behind. That was a mistake. Customer side needs to show well. So, I took off all of them and started again.

That decision was right. The ending was under the sushi case and people did not see the ending part.
Then I made side part and finished.

The cost is around $200. It looks good, isn’t it? This was my vacation, my holiday. I really enjoyed with high quality job and felt good.

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