Losing weight is not easy. But keeping the best weight is harder than losing. This is from American Heart Association research. They recommend below.

1, What is effective for you? And, what is temptation to gain weight for you? You should know these and control them.

2, Know how many LB you need to lose. Show the exact numbers.

3, Think about calorie you take and calorie you burn. This balance is very important.
I used to say that losing weight was very easy. Eat less and exercise more.

4, Enough exercise is the best. Even if you walk fast everyday, it is good.

5, Take a memo what you eat and what you do.

6, Make a plan for cooking and try to buy healthy foods.

7, Don’t scale much your weight. Once a week is OK. But I recommend you You scale every morning.

8, Need to be careful when you have special days like parties or special events.

My way is making weight range. In my case, my weight range is 160-165LB. If it is over 165LB, I cut food. I try to keep around 163LB.
To be honest, my waist size is only 30 inches and hard to find pants. It has not been changed since when I was 18 years old.

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