I was watching Youtube and thought. This bideo was in Japanese but the title was “protect Japanese sushi culture.”
You have to eat good sushi, real sushi. So I write this.
I let you know Japanese own Japanese restaurants list.

Waraku  I-85 North Suwanee
Bule fin Sushi  I-85 North Duluth
Tokyo Shokudo  I-85 North Duluth
Tanaka Restaurant GA400 Roswell
Circle Sushi GA 400 Northridge
Bishoku I-285 Sandy Springs
Ege I-75 North E Cobb
Yakitori Jinbei  I-75 North Windy Hill
Umezono I-75 North Windy Hill
Sushi no Bo  I-285 Cobb
Taka  Buckhead
Tomo Buckhead
Rusan’s Buckhead
Shoya Doraville
Rusan’s Midtown
Sushi Hayakawa
Nakato Restaurant
Sushi Yoko

I think we have more than 150 sushi places in metro Atlanta but only 18 places are owned by Japanese.

I don’t say all are good. I just list Japanese owners.

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