I cooked Italian for my golf friends on Sunday. It is fun to cook for my friend. It is not for money making and for pleasure.
I play golf with friends once a month. They come to my house after play. I ask them to come my place. I charge $20 and can drink wine and food. It is cheaper than going to the restaurants.
Anyway, I made Italian this time and I thought. American people need to eat Italian. Especially, someone who has a financial crisis, someone who has food stamp from local government.

You don’t know much about your own country.
We have 35,000,o0o of poverty in this country. We are not living in Cuba, North Korea. We are living in the United States of America and have so many poverty here. Why?

Anyway, poor people eat more junk food than normal people. And they gain weight and get sick.
They have to eat good and cheap. One of great dish is minestrone, Italian vegetable soup. This soup is almost no meat and tons of vegetables.
I show you how to make. It is easy and delicious, healthy.
For 4 dishes: Onion 1/2, Carrot 1/2, celery 1/2, Cabbage 2 leaves, Japanese pumpkin 1/8(If you cannot find Japanese pumpkin, use potato 1/2), bacon 2 pieces, Olive oil 2tbspn, garlic 1 piece, Beef bouillon 2, water 3 cups, diced tomato can 1 cup, salt, parsley a little.

1, onion and carrot need to be cut small. bacon is same as small cut.
2, Cut garlic small
3, Use a deep pan. heat up and apply olive oil and put garlic in it. Add bacon, then add all vegetables.
4, Add beef bouillon and water. Cook 20 minutes.
5, Add tomato can and add salt and check the taste,
6, I use kelp for hidden flavor. Cook another 20minutes and finish. Add parsley.

Minestrone is good because we eat vegetables and soup. Soup makes our stomach full easily. Ut means we cannot eat much after this. And can lose weight.
You can add past in minesrtrone. It’s gonna be soup pasta.
Please do not buy canned minestrone. You have to make it and creater your version. If you have daughters , tell them and show them. It is gonna be their asset. They know what their mom made fir them. That is called “mother’s taste.” It needs to succeed from the mother to childlen and from childlen to grand children.

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