1, Sonicare essence e5550 $99.00 at Costco
I ‘ve been using electric tooth brush for 5 years. But this is better than old Sonicare.
First of all, the neck can bend and reduce the pressure to the tooth. Second, a small brush can reach to anywhere in my mouth. This is a good buy. I am very happy with this.
2, Etonic golf shoes $99 at Overstock.com
It is hard to find right fit shoes. Are you looking for golf shoes? I went to Sports Authority and could not find any. They just sold Nike, Foot Joy and poor selection. And there was no Etonic.
I don’t know much about Etonic but this shoes are great.
The original price is $140 and OS price is $99. The important thing is not price, fit and comfortable. Golf season is coming soon. We need to be ready.

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