I started this diet after Thanksgiving Day. My weight was 176 lbs. on Friday morning.
I ate this picture’s food for breakfast. I ate soba and some salad for lunch. I ate salad again for dinner.
Then my weight was 172.6 lbs on Saturday morning.
I ate same way on Saturday. I just added power bar and a piece of bread for lunch because I played golf. Dinner was same as Friday night.
My weight was 171 lbs Sunday morning. I ate same way until lunch. But I went out with friends.
We went Italian. I ate 2 pieces of pizza, asparagus, grilled oyster, some pasta, and a glass of beer only.
I take a green tea after I got home.
My weight was 170 lbs this morning. I think I will see 169 lbs tomorrow.

The last time I saw 169 was almost 6 months ago. I will continue this diet until I see 165 lbs.
It will come in 2 weeks.
Anyway, I cut oil, sugar and fat and carb.

I eat this kind of salad. There are Romaine lettuce, tomato and broccoli in it. I made a special dressing with no oil. I squeezed fresh grapefruit for it.

Is it tired to eat? Is it boring?  Yes, sometimes. But I need to correct my weight to right size.
I will eat meat after success of diet.


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