I read this Japanese economic magazine and was really surprised. I will write this for you.

It is busy season in Tokyo Tsukiji fish market because of New year is coming.
The price of Blue fin tuna is 20%, crab is 30% higher than last year.
The reason is poor catching but the real reason is aggressive competition in the world.
People eat more fish than meat for healthy reason. Fish consumption is 30-50% up in last 30 years. It is 20kg(44lbs) per person a year. But China is more than US and Europe. Chinese eat 25kg per person a year. It is 500% in last 30 years.

FAO says 10% of fish shortage in 2015. Japanese eat 60kg per person a year and this is the top in the world.

You know we carry Patagonian toothfish. I think many people like this fish. But we do not use this name. We use Chilean Sea bass. But Patagonian toothfish is the real name. This fish does not go to Japan any more. This is more popular in the US and they buy higher price than Japanese buyers.

The price of Black tiger shrimp is 20-30% higher than last year. And lobster also cannot go to Japan. Chinese like lobster and they buy 2 times than Japanese. How about king crab? Japan imported 30,985tons in 2004 and US supply was 13,960tons in 2004. But Japan imported only 16,283 tons in 2009 and US supply was 20250 tons in 2009. The price of king crab is 30% higher than last year.

In 2009, the total production of fish ( combining of catching and farming) was 1.6Billion tons. Farming proportion was only 10% in 1980. But it was 42.9% in 2008.

Japanese companies have great technology to farm fish. But the price is low in Japan. They are looking for buyers in overseas. Overseas buyers buy higher than domestic buyers sometimes.

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