This is Mackerel, Saba. And this fish has roe. There is a season to have roe.
I take it and wash lightly and cook.
My Mom used to buy fish roe and cooked.
Believe or not, I didn’t eat much meat when I was young.
I was born in a small island in Hiroshima, Japan. Meat was almost once a month which was my father’s payday. We had steaks. But it was not beef, was pork steak. Beef was very expensive about 30 years ago in Japan. I ate a lots of fish. We didn’t buy much. Someone gave us after they caught fish. And I didn’t eat sushi at all. Sashimi, grill and cook were main dishes.
Anyway, fish roe is a kind of good luck because they don’t have all the time.
Ask me when you would like to taste. Happy to give you. It is rich in vitamin E.

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