Fish delivery and more

Memorial Day weekend is coming. We will be closed 7 days. I ordered less Japanese fish this time.Some are coming, some are not coming. Obviously I did not buy much tuna. Actually I don’t get good tuna this week.Uni is coming on Wednesday.

Closed Information

We will be closed the business from May 27thto June 3rd.

I go to Hawaii for vacation, but I bring PC and do some project. I will not make sushi in Hawaii.

How to find good sushi restaurants

Some people will eat sushi somewhere next week. Everybody wants to eat good sushi. So, bellows are my advices.

1, Avoid bad names like Osaka, Tokyo, Happy, Sumo, and Wasabi. Those are normally not owned by Japanese.

2, Try to find owner chef restaurants. You might find good places.

3, Avoid big restaurants. Small places are normally serving better sushi.

4, Eat Tamago, Egg omelets. This is a good judgment to find good sushi places. Good sushi restaurants make tamago in store. Bad places buy it from supplier. It is frozen and taste is really bad.

5, Ask them about any Japanese fish from Tokyo Tsukiji fish market. If they carry it, I can say good places.

Hopefully these 5 things work for you.If you don’t like the place, just leave and say “Family Emergency”. They understand this.

Children’s Sunglasses

Young eyes need extra protection from the sun, especially in summer, when kids spend full days outdoors.Plastic sunglasses are inexpensive and come in a rainbow of colors, shapes, and styles to entice little wearers. Polycarbonate lenses and flexible rubber frames will withstand the rigors of play, and spring hinges protect glasses from breaking, no matter how often kids pull them off and on.

Comfort is essential for children with sensitive skin or allergies. Choose hypoallergenic materials like titanium or nickel-free frames-which include plastic or nylon material-and comfort cables that coil around the ear for a secure, chafe-free fit.

Because children’s eyes are more sensitive to high energy visible (HEV) and UV rays, opt for amber and copper lenses, which block damaging sunlight and brighten the colors of nature.


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