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I got a fresh salmon. I normally buy 2-3 a week. It comes with head and need to cut.
Picture 1 : After cut
Picture 2: Curing with salt for 2-3 hours
Picture 3: Marinating with vinegar for 10 minutes
Do you know salmon color is carrot color? Farm raising salmon’s color is really pale and bad. So, they give foods with carrot and change the meat color.
Normally, sushi chefs freeze salmon after cut because of worms. Fresh water fish contain worms.
They die if freeze. But after defrost, fish juice come out and quality go down.
I got my way from Soto, I used to work with. Salt and vinegar is very strong and kill worms.
You can eat fresh salmon with high quality at TAKA.

New Dolphin Tank?

GA aquarium just announced about anew tank. They bring dolphin this time. It is very popular attraction in Japan. Dolphin is very smart and friendly. There is a big difference there. Aquarium is Japan is facing coast and GA is far away from ocean.Have you visited GA aquarium? I have once. Do I want to go again? No. And why? I don’t want see sad beluga face. I think they get so much stress in a small tank, maybe. Can you survive in your living room the rest of your life? You don’t need to go out. You can watch TV, movie whatever. You don’t need to cook, clean whatever. But you cannot go out. Can you survive? Are you happy? It is for human beings and not for animals. Make sense?

Artisan Foods

My friends opened a bakery and cafe. The name is Artisan Foods. It is located in Historic Roswell, the corner of Canton St. and Woodstock Rd. Sayuri and Hoy used to work with Joli Kobe in Sandy Springs. I helped them before opening and give them my opinion after opening.

Hoy makes good bread. I eat more bread than ever. I think the first 3 months is very important.

It is not organized but they need to be familiar and will make their style soon.

My restaurant is well organized because of 6 years of history. I changed a lots. Even now, I change decor or painting of wall. I just made a long bench. Bench seat (booth) is very popular and our customers like that. I am not a carpenter but like those kind of job. No, it is not a job, maybe hobby. I enjoy it very much. Making something is fun and enjoyable. But anyway, everything is for the customer’s satisfaction. The picture is Artisan Foods.

GA state flower

This is Cherokee rose, Georgia state flower, believe or not.

Not Peach, not Magnolia. This tiny petals is rose. I found my subdivision May 4th. It is almost finished blooming but still fine.

By the way, GA peach is bad taste isn’t it! I like CA or SC peach because of taste.

Ecos is great.

Are you friendly for environment? I am and I’m trying to. I got Ecos detergent at Costco.
I bought it when I saw the label which said 100 Natural. And this is good and better than Oxygen. Have you seen TV CM. The guy tests many stain with Oxygen and cleans all of them. That is fake. I tried 1 time and so disappointed. No result found from Oxygen. On the other hand, Ecos is great. Why don’t you but one and try it.